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Rackable MicroGC 19''

R Series

Gas Analyzer 19” rack

The R series MicroGC’s are the ideal solution for monitoring process gases in industrial application ...

A continuous monitoring of gas composition is necessary for a tighter quality control of the process conditions and operations. Industry are demanding flexible and tailored analytical solutions to integrate quickly in research and process plant with low cost of ownership.

The R series MicroGC are compact and rackable micro-gaschromatographs designed to continuously separate and measure fixed gases and organic compounds concentration in few seconds analysis. The Rackable MicroGC can be configurated with up to 4 channels and 2 carrier gas to cover a wide range of separations, and can be used alone or in combination with other rackable accessories like stream selectors, sample conditioning modules, external measuring systems, controlled by the powerful SRA Soprane software.

MicroGC 19'' "R" series

Accuracy of the measurements is obtained using MEMS high precision components and unique build-in features like atmospheric compensation prior the column injection and automatic temperature TCD response compensation.
A wide range of capillary columns and MEMS injectors are available to optimize channel combinations inside the MicroGC to obtain the desired separation, the MicroTCD is the high-performance universal detector used in such systems. A parallel analytical configuration of the channels or analytical modules will allows the sampling of a small amount of gas sample and simultaneous injection in all channels to develop up to 4 chromatograms and one cumulative report..
SRA Instruments is the ideal Partner with specific competences to develop with you turn key solutions based on optimized Micro-gas-chromatographs, accessories and dedicated software utility or report calculations for specific plant context.
Some example of applications are gas coke analysis, biogas, syngas, refinery and fuel gas, natural gas, fuel cells