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The reference software for microGC

Control all Micro GC series in process or laboratory


Use SOPRANE Software and pilot All MicroGC models available in your lab ! SOPRANE supports :
ALL SRA Instruments Solutions with UNIQUE feature like (atmospheric equilibrium before injection, automatic temperature compensation...)
INFICON or old AGILENT 3000A series
from 90's MTI 200 / 400

Not convince that Soprane is the best Software for MicroGC ?
-> ask for an online presentation by email

Adapted for laboratory or process MicroGC applications, SOPRANE has a powerful graphic environment providing effectiveness and easy use.

Soprane view : (1) Tool bar (2) Last analysis results , specific calculations and alarms (3)Trends on concentrations or calculation results (4)Result history

From the method creation to the result report, Soprane is easy and powerful. It gives you many possibilities and options to make all your analysis project successful :

  • Create and edit methods ,
  • 1 to 16 stream selection,
  • MicroGC piloting in sample, sequence or automated mode,
  • Peak integration and identification ,
  • Specific calculation (ICV, SCV, density, M, Wobbe index, …),
  • Management of defects and alarms,
  • Visualization and results archiving (values and trends),
  • Report printing (manually or automatically),
  • Data transmission (4-20 mA and serial link) for alarms and values.
  • Fieldbus interface for data transmission : Modbus, Profibus...
  • DDE connectivity for automated applications
  • Pre-Run & post Run for personalized applications
  • External data reading (pressure, temperature), integration in specific calculations
  • Personalized calculation edited directly in Excel (possibility of VBA macro use)
  • Calibration & bake out programming for automated applications
  • Chromatograms comparison , mathematical operations on the signal

The Compare tool :

Compare view

Contact SRA Instruments for any information on Soprane for your MicroGC. Soprane is compatible with all Agilent Micro GC series:

M100, M100H, M200, M200H, P100, P100H, P200, P200H, QUAD, QUADH, QUAD RGA

MicroGC 3000, Rack MicroGC, Process Atex micro gc...

  1. Tool bar
  2. Last analysis results , specific calculations and alarms
  3. Trends on concentrations or calculation results
  4. Result history