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Industrial Chromatograph


The Process chomatograph µPGC3000, ATEX explosion proof analyser, uses the most advanced technologies to realize on line analysis of Gas effluent and vapour in most Industrial environment : Refining, Petrochemical, Nuclear power stations, Natural Gas, etc… It can also be used as a sensor of regulation. Its modular design allows to treat various applications and to integrate them in every control systems.


A field analyzer : its robust and compact construction fits for the installation in industrial field : outside, in danger zone (explosion proof outer cover).

· High performances : The Injector and detector use the siclicon technology, the capillary column which constitute a significant progress in process chomatography.

  • analysis 10 to 20 times quicker than the ones done by a traditional chromatograph, (the analysis average duration from 28 to 180 seconds)
  • sensitivity and scale dynamic : Concentration from few ppm up to 100% volume with a perfect linearity
  • repeatability best than 1%.

· Flexibility : Most of the industrial applications are easily feasible both because of the diverse and numerous applications and the modular construction.

· Application software power : The SRA Instruments software « SOPRANE » allows the exploitation of the complete power of the analytical tool by integrating an exceptional application expertise and advanced data processing.

· Open communications : From the classical analogical outflow (4-20 mA) or the connection in series (Modbus …) to the current standards.

· Low possession costs : The modular construction allows to obtain for each application an optimal design and so to minimize the study and installation costs. Less needs of maintenance and a consumption of slight use make the user save money, compared to the conventional solutions.


Injection valve in a fixed volume or programmable version with or without a backflush device.

Nano detector of thermal conductivity, sensible from the ppm to 100%.


Natural Gas
- Oil and Gas Exploration
- Specialty chemicals
- Refining and Pétrochimie
- Chemical Manufacturing
- Fuel cells
- Environment
- Landfil Gases



029_Refinery gases analysis
Fast Analysis of light hydrocarbons and permanent gases in refinery streams in under 3 minutes is described using the new Agilent 3000 Micro Gas Chromatograph

031_Natural gas and LPG analysis with NGA calculation
Fast and accurate measurement of the composition and heating value of natural gas and LPG is demonstrated using a portable 3000 Micro-GC

036_Light sulfur compounds analysis at low level
COS, H2S and SO2 detection in air