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P series – Explosion-proof MicroGC

Ex industrial chromatograph


MicroGC Industriel EXProof

The PGC 490 Process Chromatograph, an explosion-proof analyser for ATEX, uses the most advanced technologies to perform on-line analyses of vapour and gas phase effluents in most industrial sectors: refineries, petrochemicals, nuclear power plants, natural gas, biogas, etc.... Its modular architecture allows the most varied applications to be processed and integrated with all control systems.


A field analyzer : compact and robust design, suitable for installation in an industrial environment: outdoors, in hazardous areas (explosion-proof enclosures).

· High performances : injector and detector using MEMS technology and capillary columns represent a significant advance in process chromatography:

- analyses 10 to 20 times faster than those performed with a conventional chromatograph, (average analysis times 100 to 180 seconds),

- sensitivity and scale dynamic : concentration from a few ppm to 100% by volume, with perfect linearity.

- repeatability better than 0.5%.

· Flexibility : the large number and variety of applications as well as the modular design make most industrial applications easily achievable.

· Application software power : The software SOPRANE II allows you to exploit the full power of the analytical tool by integrating exceptional application expertise and advanced data processing.

· Open communications : from conventional analog outputs (4-20 mA) or Modbus links to current standards.

· Low possession costs : the modular design ensures that the optimum architecture is achieved for each application, minimising design and installation costs. Highly reduced maintenance requirements and extremely low power consumption contribute to significant savings for the user compared to conventional solutions.


  • Natural Gas
  • Biogas / Biomethane
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Refining and Pétrochimie
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Fuel cells
  • Environment


029_Refinery gases analysis
Fast Analysis of light hydrocarbons and permanent gases in refinery streams in under 3 minutes is described using the new Agilent 490 Micro Gas Chromatograph

031_Natural gas and LPG analysis with NGA calculation
Fast and accurate measurement of the composition and heating value of natural gas and LPG is demonstrated using a portable 490 Micro-GC

036_Light sulfur compounds analysis at low level
COS, H2S and SO2 detection in air