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Nuclearized MicroGC

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Nuclearized MicroGC

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An analyzer in a glove box meets some problems of integration. The congestion device and his handling should be optimized because the presence of radioactivity created many constraints. SRA developed over many years (first module nuclearised installed in 1999) with french research organizations (CEA) solutions to be used in these inhospitable conditions where microGC is unusual.
Depending on their nature, the samples cannot be sampled and must be analyzed on the spot (critical area).
Analyzer need to be as close as possible of the sample.

Micro-GC nuclearised is a specific solution developed in order to reduce the amount of electronic components present in an area subject to radiation.
The analyzer is divided into two distinct parts: only items needed are installed close to the sample, all the control electronics inside the analyzer is in remote area non-critical.

Both units can be separated by 100 meters without loss of signal. The computer control over him can be mounted up to 1 km from the analyzer.

We can discuss with you each single detail of this unit.

MicroGC Nuclaris


021_Krypton and Xenon at low level in air matrix
Krypton and xenon in the presence of trace air

032_Fast Analysis of permanent gas
Analysis of Ne, O2, N2 , CH4 and CO in 30s

037_Analysis of He, Ne, H2, O2, N2, CH4 et CO
Separation of He, Ne, H2, O2, N2, CH4 and CO

077_Analysis of gas under vaccum
Analysis of neon traces and air in a process under vaccum. This unique system provides analysis in extreme conditions with a MicroGC.

005_Temperature programmed analysis of permanent gases
Analysis of permanent gases on a single module: argon, oxygen, nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide in 8 minutes