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SRA Instruments, MicroGC specialist for more than 10 years develop applications in his own laboratory. All R&D team develop new applications dedicated for customer's needs.

Please contact SRA office for any specific application request. Here are some MicroGC, MicroGC / MSD et µTD / µGC / MSD application to download in pdf format :

002_On-site analysis of organochlorides at trace level
Measure made in an empty tank for a get into permission

005_Temperature programmed analysis of permanent gases
Analysis of permanent gases on a single module: argon, oxygen, nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide in 8 minutes

009_THT in Natural gas
SIM mode specific detection of the compound

010_VOC analysis in 160 seconds
Separation of 8 compounds including 3 with spectral deconvolution

011_Solvents analysis with InnoWAX
Separation of Diethyl Ether, Diisopropyl Ether, Acetaldehyde, Methyl Cyclohexane, Propionaldehyde, Ethanol, Sec-Butanol, n-Propanol, Water, Acetone, Methyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, MEK + Methanol, Sec-Propanol

012_Working atmosphere monitoring
24 hours on-line monitoring of the chemical factory air quality

017_Analysis of fixed gases in transformer oil
helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, ethylene, ethane, acetylene separation

021_Krypton and Xenon at low level in air matrix
Krypton and xenon in the presence of trace air

029_Refinery gases analysis
Fast Analysis of light hydrocarbons and permanent gases in refinery streams in under 3 minutes is described using the new Agilent 490 Micro Gas Chromatograph

030_Fuel cell reformer gases analysis
Rapid and accurate determination of the composition of gases produced by a catalytic reformer is important for the development and optimization of new fuel cell designs. Gas chromatography, using a micro gas chromatograph and high-resolution columns, produces a complete analysis of fuel cell gases in less than 90 seconds. Connection of the gas chromatograph directly to the output of the reactor provides valuable information for evaluating performance of new catalyst formulations and reformer designs including optimization of reformer operation

031_Natural gas and LPG analysis with NGA calculation
Fast and accurate measurement of the composition and heating value of natural gas and LPG is demonstrated using a portable 490 Micro-GC

032_Fast Analysis of permanent gas
Analysis of Ne, O2, N2 , CH4 and CO in 30s

035_Amines and ammonia analysis in air
NH3, methylamine and dimethylamine

036_Light sulfur compounds analysis at low level
COS, H2S and SO2 detection in air

037_Analysis of He, Ne, H2, O2, N2, CH4 et CO
Separation of He, Ne, H2, O2, N2, CH4 and CO

039_Qualitative and quantitative VOC analysis in field
Use of a concentrator and 2 different chromatographic columns coupled to the mass spectrometer for the analysis of many organic compounds at trace level

043_Carbon dioxyde and light C2 hydrocarbons analysis
CO2, ethane, ethylene and acetylene separation in 60 seconds

055_Isotopic analysis with GC-MS coupling
In this application note, GC/MS coupling is used to measure 13CH4/12CH4 and 13CO2/12CO2 isotopic ratio for a Biogas sample with isotopes as tracers

061_Phosphine analysis in air
CO2, phosphine analysis in less than 60s

062_Very fast H2 and O2 analysis
H2 and O2 analysis with MicroGC in less than 30s (total cycle time)

067_Hydrogen and Helium at 5ppm in Argon
Traces analysis of H2 and He at 5ppm in argon matrix with a MicroGC

069_Toluene, MIBK, Vinyl acetate and Chloroform analysis
Analysis of Toluene, MIBK, Vinyl acetate and Chloroform with one MicroGC module in air matrix

070_Butane, methylacetylene, propadiene in propylene matrix with MicroGC
Analysis of impurities in a propylene matrix

071_Ammonia analysis in hydrocarbon matrix
Analysis of ammonia using special column in hydrocarbon matrix

072_Hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane analysis with one column
H2, CO, CH4 and CO2 analysis with one MicroGC module

073_Analysis of fixed gases from underground water
Neon, Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane, H2S, CO2 and N2O analysis with MicroGC

074_Formic acid analysis in CO2 matrix
Formic acid analysis in less than 60s with MicroGC

077_Analysis of gas under vaccum
Analysis of neon traces and air in a process under vaccum. This unique system provides analysis in extreme conditions with a MicroGC.